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AUTOCLICKER 1.22 for DonkeyMails, FusionMail, Rentamail, YouRoMail & MyFreeShare

Hello Guyz
i found another Autoclicker for DonkeyMails, FusionMail, RentaMail, YouRoMail & MyFreeShares
check this out!!!
i download it in this links

AutoClicker 1.22.exe
Save your time and let this auto clicker click through PTC sites for you This program DOES NOT click cheat links!
This version currently works great with the following sites:

Updated 1-22-10 with one new feature added! Now it checks every 10 minutes to see if any new ads are available after the auto clicker has clicked all of them. You will never miss an ad or checking to see if the auto clicker has clicked everything. Now you really start clicking, minimize it, and walk away!



MyFreeShares 1.1.exe 2-3-10 - Updated! Now you won't get those annoying Active X or script errors! Please download the newest version!
Make earning shares easier on! Run once a day to
earn between 0.15 and 0.30 shares! Only takes seconds.